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Experience Based Local Marketing

Game Experience


Meet Captain Set'em Up Jack.  He is your guide on a wild adventure around Lawrence, Kansas.  He will be instructing you on the proper etiquette of being a pirate of the prairie. Along the way you will have to prove yourself worthy to be a pirate and to lay claim to real pirate treasure.  Now, go loot and pillage the lands of Lawrence on your search for buried treasure!

The experience is setup as a game across town in which players (new clients) will go on quests and tasks to find treasure and solve an ongoing mystery.

We use all types of media: physical signage, items, phone calls, SMS, QR codes, augmented reality 3D characters, and coupons to get you new clients who can interact with you and your brand.


15  12 More Beta Companies

Be a part of something brand new! Bring customers in your door through game play with your products and services mixed with interactive objects, sounds, lights, video projection,  3D hosts, and AI, augmented reality and the power of the mobile phone.

Elevate your brand engagement and reach new customers with NobleQR's innovative experience game. Propel your business to the top of their minds.

Why Join the Game?:

  • Capture attention: Attract players (customers) with a fun and interactive on premises game that we create for you.

  • Stand out from the crowd: Differentiate yourself from competitors with unique and memorable in-game experiences. Game play will change over time with additional seasons.

  • Unlock recurring customers: Each participating company gets 2 interactions with each customer, in which we bring them into your door.

  • Generate leads: Drive interest and inquiries through in-game rewards and calls to action.

  • Track performance: Monitor key metrics like game participation, brand mentions, and website traffic to assess ROI.


Portal Augmented Reality


Holographic Business Cards


Pirate Host(Captian Set'em up jack)

Contact us today to discuss tailored game integrations and unlock the full potential of the NobleQR experience. 


Contact us today to discuss your tailored game site and unlock the full potential of the NobleQR experience.

Thanks for your interest. We will be in contact soon!


Our Story

The Big Idea

Everyone enjoys having unique and memorable experiences.  How much do people spend on vacations each year? This got me thinking,  So during the COVID pandemic I thought, "What if the experience came to you?" And so  became Noble QR.  We organize amazing experiences, fun date nights, and family adventures .  We create unique experiences for businesses and people alike with all current IT, AI and AR technologies.

Your Business

We also offer additional Services to help you bring customers in your door.

  • Graphic Design

  • Video Production and 

  • AR environments and experiences

  • Media Campaigns and A/B testing

  • Printing and hosting local signage around town

  • Social Media Influencer Management

  • E-commerce hosting 


The Network

The network is a bridge and search engine between physical and digital. Using signage of both print and digital media to provide locals with events and activities to do. We create interactive experiences that will bring in more business to you! Be a part of this new innovative technology.

Check out our interactive business cards

Our Clients


Other Services We Offer

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