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We provide a transparent service for your organization or business. We customize and personalize solution that will show you all the numbers you want.  Not only what the leads number but a matrix of how people are engaging with you.  This is not a standard marketing pizza program. This is a marketing relationship that is built over time as we perfect and adapt your organization to changing world conditions.


Which location or item people are scanning the most?  That way we can pivot when and where it's needed. Data is crucial when investing in marketing.  That's why we track every interaction and provide it to you in a customized dashboard.  We want to be able to not only tell you which ad and signs are being scanned.

Privacy is important .  Therefore, we go to extra efforts to make sure users stay anonymous in our data collection services. We can still provide both you and the customer great service without tracking or selling their data.


Don't have a marketing game plan? Don't you have a cause or an experience in your business?  No problem, we have them for you! 
We can create sales funnels as well as an interactive experience for walk in customers to interact with and learn more about you on your site.  We believe that in our social media world people will share great experiences. Therefore, we will use that and create that experience for your customers or yell for the cause that will directly build up the community.


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