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Choose your pricing plan

  • Free Quest Point

    Advertise as the customer quests in your store or website
    Free Plan
    • Be apart of our interactive experience
    • Web 3.0 interactivity and compliance standards
  • Best Value

    Quest Point

    Every month
    Quest Point Partnership
     30 day free trial
    • Quest Point Partnership w/customized product or service list
    • Promote your products with our game experience
    • Bonus: One promotion our distribution network($700 value)
    • Bonus: Access to stats Dashboard of visitors ($200 value)
    • Please allow 3 weeks for setup
  • Spread the Word

    Every month
    90 Day Spread the Word Challenge
    • Setup the memorible 4 ads and QR codes
    • upto 40 hours of development
    • change out image/wording every 21 days
    • Bonus: Access to our Data Dashboard
    • Bonus: mobile advertising around time
    • Bonus: support via email and zoom(upto 10h)
    • Please allow 3 weeks for setup
  • Cause Partner

    Every month
    90 Day Change the World Sprint
    Valid for 12 months
    • Web 3.0 interactivity and compliance standards
    • Interactive experience for bring you new customers
    • 4 ads and QR for you(Funny/thought provoking
    • New content monthly
    • Stats of visitors and clicks
    • Dynamically ads to make it more appling over time
    • 10 stactic ads on ad signs around town/area
    • Bonus: mobile advertising around town
    • Bonus: support is via email and zoom up to 25 hours
    • Bonus: video ad, video story, website link, and possible AR
    • Please allow 3 weeks for setup
  • Community Board

    Every month
    Place your ad on a community Board and watch the traffic flow in!

    Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans
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