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Hands Off Marketing

Hands Off Marketing

  • We produce 5 Ad Sets for you and new and fresh social media posting from our network of local social media influencers. One 10 second video(that auto-plays) and one 2 minute video per adset.
  • Be apart of our Mobile Marketing Network(includes local signage that we put up as well as other partners, intersection signs, bummer stickers, ubers, table tops, and community tv at bars/resturants/offices.
  • Ad Share Program: Give an ad to get an ad
  • 10 around town Yard Signs and 100 bummer stickers with FREE placement, monitoring, and analytics and Printing!
  • Top placement of all your ads on other local events and causes pages in our mobile network
  • A/B Testing and bi-monthly check-ins
  • Table Top Ads at local resturants
  • TV ads for community TVs that we setup around town
  • created unique ad for Uber Driver Network inside uber cars
  • Local Social Media Posts by our influencer network
  • QR Code Business Cards to a sales funnel
  • AR experience Business Cards: AR experience for your business cards featuring QR codes and one 3D model reading a 30 second script as well as links and images of your feature product. Call to Action Sales Funnel provided on our network. FREE 500 cards provided.
  • Other City Advertising: 1 other city to place your ad at (TBD)
  • Signs and stickers included(10 yard signs) 100 bummer stickers for paterons


  1. Bonus: Change your ad at no additional costs
  2. Bonus: Reduce your phone bill
  3. Bonus: Reduce your business costs for your business backend so all your accounting, messaging, social, CRM, automation is in one place.
  4. Bonus: Help you save on your Credit Card Processing
  5. Bonus: Be apart of our Lawrence City Game Experience where we bring people in your Door (12 spots available)

Guarantee 200 new customers guarantee, measure through our analytics on our network

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